Grand Valley AVA, West Elks AVA

This is a clean, crisp style of Chardonnay softened by a trace of new French oak. Because the wine is partially barrel fermented and aged in barrel four months, the oak finish is subdued, yet refined. The oak aging adds vanillin to the wine, almost giving the perception of sweetness. Partial malolactic fermentation plays counterpoint to the accented finish.

Vivid tropical-fruit flavors of pineapple and citrus are heightened by tones of crisp apple and pear. The palate-cleansing acidity complements a silky, fruit-forward texture which pairs beautifully with salmon, chicken and an assortment of cheeses. Vineyards in Palisade and Paonia are the source of grapes for our 2004 Colorado Chardonnay.

October 2004

6 months

Stainless steel tanks
French oak
October 2005

1229 cases

14.26% Alc, pH 3.70
TA 6.4 g/l