Grand Valley AVA

Sangiovese is a vigorous vine, setting more fruit than it can ripen properly, so we thin throughout the growing season in order to concentrate the flavors in the remaining fruit.

A smoother, softer red wine, Plum Creek’s Sangiovese is balanced, rich and harmonious. With a ruby-violet color this wine shows focused scents of strawberries and pomegranate, balanced with a delicate French oak finish. A small amount of Cabernet Franc was blended in for structure and complexity, adding to the wine’s ripe fruit character of spring cherry and raspberry.

In Chianti-like fashion our Sangiovese offers light to medium tannins. Sangiovese’s inherent high acidity results in a lively, fresh wine which complements a wide variety of foods.

October 2003

15 months

French & Hungarian
oak barrels
July 2005

640 cases

14.9% Alc, pH 3.50
TA 6.38 g/l