Grand Valley AVA

An unexpected hail storm swept through our Somerset Vineyard just before the Sangiovese grapes were to be harvested, fracturing the berries on the west side of the vines. Although not ripe enough to make a bold, tannic Sangiovese, the grapes were perfect for a lighter-colored, port-styled wine.

Not all dessert wines are intensely sweet. An excellent example of this is our dessert Sangiovese. The wine was aged in oak barrels for more than 2 years, and this slow aging process helped marry the flavors together, producing a spectacular wine. This dessert wine is only slightly sweet. It offers complex aromas of raspberry and cherry with a slight spicy vanilla and oak finish.

This dessert wine is 100% Sangiovese and is not fortified.

October 2000

2 years

Hungarian oak barrels

November 2002

277 cases

16.5% Alc, pH 3.47, TA 6.61 g/l
2.7% Residual Sugar